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Enabling energy retailers and brokers to manage the full sales cycle of Commercial and Industrial customers.

Power Deal Manager - C&I Energy Sales Software

Power Deal Manager is a web based application that enables electricity retailers and brokers to manage the full sales cycle of Commercial and Industrial customers. The application generates quotes, contracts and provides a framework for automating and reporting on Commercial and Industrial electricity contract sales.

Power Deal Manager has a core set of base modules that are then customised and enhanced to suit the precise needs of each PDM customer.

It has been developed with over five years collaboration between software provider Revium and the Australian energy market. Revium is an internet consulting practice that has worked closely with energy retailers, distributors and the Australian Energy Regulator to produce a base sales and deal manager software suite that can be customised to any energy retailer or energy broker's needs.

Some of the benefits and key features

Improved management and workflow

Automation of the sales pipeline; quoting, pricing and contract generation increasing efficiency

Eliminate risk and minimise dependancy

Programmatically produce pricing and contracts reducing manual data entry and human error

Increased accuracy

Energy deal pricing is based on your pricing model allowing you to monitor and maintain energy quotes and contracts

Many types of users

Power Deal Manager automates much of the sales functions and processes for;

  • Commercial and Industrial Managers
  • Commercial and Industrial Sales Staff
  • Risk Managers
  • Pricing Analysts
  • Legal teams

Administration features

  • Full user management, security and authentication including capabilities to manage users, customers and quotes online
  • Setup legal and contract details to automatically generate sales contracts
  • Customise workflow and upload of pricing files, including forward curves, renewable energy pricing and historical pricing information


  • Convert complex pricing models for C&I customers into the PDM software to ensure 100% accurate pricing by sales staff
  • Every energy deal is automatically priced based on pre-defined pricing models
  • Use customer load files to make use of a client’s historical load for individualised pricing
  • Using standard REC data, PDM includes LGCs and STCs to assist with green energy calculations
  • Loads and prices are handled within both NEM and Retail markets as appropriate, with peak and off peak time classes


  • Input customer data and NMIs to generate prices and quotes
  • Track the contract approval process as it proceeds from the salesperson, through your specific approval processes all the way to final signoff by your CEO


  • No software or installation required
  • PDM is cloud hosted and accessible 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world

Case Study - Alinta Energy C&I

Alinta Energy began using PDM in July 2015 as a way of improving and standardising their sales cycles. Alinta Energy specialise in delivering energy solutions to a range of large industries, including manufacturing, mining, government and commercial buildings. They also have small to medium clients that are bars, bank branches, small manufacturing and government (schools, public lighting and offices).

Alinta Energy’s various C&I sales team use unique and varied pricing models to quote, and therefore required a flexible and robust platform to calculate complex algorithms that relied on their business process and systems. These algorithms include a multitude of pricing variations, historical and forward calculations, workflow design, contract formats and pricing reporting to help their sales team effectively manage their sales processes.

Goals and Challenges

The following goals and challenges were presented by Alinta Energy’s various C&I teams. They needed PDM to:

  • Adapt to Alinta Energy’s approach to various C&I markets
  • Implement pricing that was easy to use for sales staff as dictated by pricing personnel
  • Distinct pricing methodology focusing less on base rate and more on complex calculations for additional premiums relevant to the specific market
  • Replicate existing documentation, such as offers and contracts, in an automated manner
  • Dual handling of SME business sales and C&I markets
  • Handle procedural workflows for seamless automation
  • Provide a complex interactive price page detailing breakdown of costs
  • Manage gas contracts alongside electricity contracts
  • Allow multiple output formats


Alinta Energy have a distinct advantage in the marketplace via a dedicated online platform that seamlessly manages the sales process from the prospect stage, through to completed acquisition for the various teams and respective markets.

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